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Self-Adherent Bandages-Nonwoven

Product Features
● Supports sprains and strains
● Self-adherent and water resistant
● Excellent for first aid, Secures bandages and splints and cushions wounds
● Reusable
● No clips or pins needed, functions like a tape, but sticks to itself only
● Strong and provide excellent support
● Provides compression for strenuous activity
● Hand tearable
● Hypoallergenic, safe and toxic free
● Sterile, non-sterile
● Without natural rubber latex
● Multiple widths and colors available

Product Application

● Prevent joints sprain strain swelling soreness

● Give joint local security dynamic pressure

Product Specification 

1 in. x 5 yds,   2 in. x 5 yds,   3 in. x 5 yds,   4 in. x 5 yds,   6 in. x 5 yds

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